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The French manufacturer of kitchens SALM, with two brands, Cuisines Schmidt and Cuisinella, announce 35 million euro investment in France. SALM is the leader on the French market and the fifth in Europe. Its revenues reached 1,3 billion euros and the company employs over 7 500 people. Its four factories generate a turnover close to 400 million euro with 20 % in the export. (Source : Christian LIENHARDT, Les Echos, March 2014).

The Fournier group, French manufacturer of Kitchens with the brand Mobalpa, also announce 30 million investment in its factories. With 10% of the French market, the company hopes to increase its market shares and especially its export sales, wich represent only 14% of its business. (Source : Gabrielle SERRAZ, Les Echos, March 2014)

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