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Operational Reporting for Franchise Systems

Operational reporting is a key element in analyzing the performance of a commercial network, but can be particularly complex for independent networks. With this in mind, we have developed a reporting tool adapted to the particularities of franchises and cooperatives. Indeed, several cash systems can be used, it is difficult to consolidate them. In addition, independent stores do not always want to share their data, which hinders the identification of best practices. So how to benefit from the expertise of my network?

Firstly, consolidate the information with the data available to you, secondly, analyze the performance indicators that are useful for your sector of activity.

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In conclusion, Synergee enables you to :

  • Collect from all your cash register software (POS) or manually your business data.
  • Measure and benchmark the performance of your network: sales, margin, product mix, consumer satisfaction, etc..

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