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Geo-marketing Solution

At a time when data is omnipresent in the business landscape, each company wants to exploit it. The geomarketing module is a business and visualization solution, specialized in interactive web mapping.

Geomarketing is the branch of marketing that consists in analysing the behaviour of economic individuals taking into account the notions of space.

Our objective: To enable commercial networks to better communicate and understand their data, through simple and effective visualization. Deliver concrete results, a unique visual experience and the power to make more informed decisions.

  • Analyse your points of sales activity  in a map.
  • Compare your data with external information  (POI, official data…).
  • Perform in-depth analyses of your points of sale to identify trends.
  • Enjoy optimized interactivity that allows you to instantly manipulate your data.
  • Simplify access and sharing of your analyses with your teams.
  • Make quick and informed business decisions.


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