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Cartographic visualization is indispensible for improving

the understanding and interpretation of a sales network`s performance


Mende, Friday 5th December 2014 . AGT Retail has selected DBx GEOMATICS Inc. and its twenty years of experience developing customized web mapping solutions. The company has in-depth knowledge of the challenges to overcome in order to successfully deploy an interactive mapping application.

The CartoVista development toolkit includes a rich set of components that allowed the AGT R&D team to easily implement the map and setup rich data representations.

Developed in collaboration with DBx GEOMATICS Inc., the new mapping module supplements the graphs and widgets already available in the AGT Retail Dashboard. In response to the demand of network centrals, geography brings an additional dimension to the analysis of key indicators in a franchise network.

Since the AGT Retail solution includes large amount of available data, it has become important to leverage it with charts and maps to enhance the decision making and analysis control. This new module supplements the management and decision making tools currently available with the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, to increase the sales network’s performance.

Laurent Dubernais, President of AGT, explains, “We decided to partner with DBx GEOMATICS inc. for their expertise and the quality of their software development kit.” He adds, «The information is more visual, synthetic and the user can fully customize his views. Clearly, the key indicators, analysis and decision-making support provided by AGT Retail are strengthened as this offers a new way to look at the network information.”

Dany Bouchard, President of DBx GEOMATICS inc. states, “Our goal is to provide vector mapping combined with very high quality thematic representation. We have succeeded in merging the best of decision making and the limitless capabilities of  the web. Our objective is to develop and deploy applications that enable our customers to visualize and analyze their strategic data in innovative ways. ” He adds, “We are very pleased as this partnership will allow sales networks to benefit from our CartoVista solution, and access our map tiles covering the entire world, which are available in several languages including English, French, Spanish and German “.

The strengths of CartoVista by DBx GEOMATICS:

• The ease of development and integration

• An open-ended solution

• Data and maps are separated, but the data can be dynamically linked to the map

• Advanced customization capabilities

The collaboration between the teams from DBx GEOMATICS and AGT created a highly efficient «cartographic analysis» module. Beyond the technical collaboration, a very strong relationship has been established between the two companies who share common goals of strong innovation and customer service.  This integration in AGT Retail is a first step that could lead to new developments.


For the last 20 years, AGT has helped retail & services sales networks to improve their performance.

Specifically, AGT centralizes and consolidates financial and business information, and analyzes them with comparable panels (Like for Like).

The objective is to track your activity in real time from a browser or from your tablet and allow your point of sales to benchmark themselves with simple indicators, shared and understood by everyone

AGT contributes to the development of over 50 different banners, including, Midas, Intersport, Thomas Cook, Best Western, which represent a total of 16,000 points of sales.

Thanks to a collaborative approach, AGT brings you a real competitive advantage at an attractive cost and draws your network performance up.

AGT presents a complete range of performance management tools  to franchise networks: Dashboards, CRM, Business Plans, Annual Accounts, Management Reporting, Financial Reporting, Procurement, Mobility.

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DBx GEOMATICS inc. is an industry leader in the development of interactive web mapping applications. In the past few years the company has developed its own web mapping software ( This unique mapping solution allows government and businesses to display and analyze their strategic data in innovative ways.


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