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On the occasion of the French Cooperative and Associated Trade Meetings, Alexandra Bouthelier (FCA General Delegate), with the support of Synergee, presented the key figures of Cooperative and Associated Trade (CCA).

Some key figures to remember:

The CCA generated more than 150 billion euros of turnover in 2016, which represents 7% of French GDP.


The networks of the CCA are of important size, since indeed they regroup on average 251 points of sale.

In addition, CCA companies have an average of 5 employees per non-food outlet and 52 in the food sector.


The Cooperative Trade and Associated Networks show a very successful territorial network. In fact, they are mainly located (79%) in cities with less than 90,000 inhabitants and 67% in city centers.


In 2016, the Cooperative Trade and Associated networks are composed of 45,245 points of sale.


Moreover, in 2016, the CCA employed 546,769 people, which represents close to 30% of the salaried workforce in the retail trade.

In conclusion, the Cooperative and Associated Trade is doing well since it saw a 1% increase in employment compared to last year.

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