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Why Banff’s largest hotel company chose Pacini – June 10, 2014

Located in the heart of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, the Banff Lodging Company, which already owns and operates nine hotels and eight restaurants in the area, has chosen Pacini for its new hotel scheduled to begin construction in the fall of 2014 and opening in the spring of 2016. In business for more than 30 years, Pacini is a chain of Italian restaurants with 26 locations across Canada, including a branch in Calgary that opened four years ago and has quickly become a popular destination.


“Pacini’s team worked very hard to adapt the menu for Western Canadian tastes and today our success is proven by our record sales and consistent customer satisfaction,” says franchisee Jim Muir.

The largest hotel company in the region, Banff Lodging Co. has been looking to partner with a franchisor that’s distinguished by its authenticity and human approach. Pacini partners, franchisees and employees are central to the company’s development. This management model developed by Pacini President Pierre Marc Tremblay has brought extraordinary results over the past ten years.

“We see Pacini as an excellent fit for our company, and for the Town of Banff. It is their focus on operations and employees, their commitment to community, and their obvious passion for food and people that make Pacini a clear choice for us,” says Banff Lodging Company President Gordon Lozeman.

Pacini’s Italian dining experience includes a cozy market where customers can purchase products imported from Italy. The chain also offers an exclusive and innovative Bread Bar™. Banff’s new Pacini restaurant will be open 7 days a week, from morning to evening, and serve the needs of hotel guests.

“Pacini offers its guests an exceptional experience, a warm and inviting ambience, high-quality ingredients and authentic Italian dishes,” concludes Pierre Marc Tremblay.

Because it takes customers’ health to heart, Pacini also makes every effort to reduce salt and increase fibre in most of its dishes. Pacini’s innovations have earned the restaurant several awards for its Grand Virage, its employee recognition program and its artificial trans fat-free menu. The chain employs about 1,000 people in Canada and has annual revenues of more than $40 million. Sales are increasing in spite of the recent recession in the food service industry.

The Banff Lodging Company and Pacini partnership is a guaranteed success!


Andréanne Charbonneau, MA
Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Pacini Canada inc.

Gordon Lozeman CA
President & CEO, Banff Lodging Co., Banff Caribou Properties Ltd., o/a Banff Lodging Company

Communications Julie Lamoureux (514) 257-8781



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