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Synergee has surrounded itself with an ecosystem of business experts to offer the best possible services to its customers.

Among them, we find experts according to the industry or their specialty: franchise lawyers, accounting experts for commercial networks, franchise federations, and much more!

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Fédération Française de la Franchise

French Franchise Federation

The FFF is the representative federation of the franchise which, since its creation in 1971, puts its expertise and professionalism at the service of this strategy of business development.
With nearly 160 member networks selected on ethical criteria, representing 45% of French franchisees, the FFF is an essential interface between public authorities, network creators, entrepreneurs and investors.

Our partners

Cooperative Trade Federation and Associate (FCA)

FCA is a professional organization created in 1963 to represent and promote a form of commerce in development and firmly in the era of time. It constitutes a unique place of exchange and work between actors of the Cooperative and Associated Trade.

Le Conseil québécois de la franchise. Laurent Dubernais, Président de Synergee, est membre du Collège des experts du CQF.

Quebec Council of Franchise

The Quebec Franchise Council brings together franchisors, franchisees and suppliers to the franchise industry in Quebec. With more than 8,000 franchisees and more than 300 franchisors, this business sector is one of the most dynamic and is an ongoing contributor to job creation in the province.

La Fédération Belge de la Franchise. Synergee est « Membre Associé » de la Fédération Belge de la Franchise.

Belgian Federation of Franchise (FBF)

Created in March 1992, the FBF has its origin in the initiative of a group of dynamic personalities, active in the world of franchising.
Now with a structure consisting of a permanent secretariat and seven working committees, the FBF is well equipped to fulfill its mission: to regroup its members by associating them as closely as possible to the construction of an ever larger franchise dynamic and more balanced, as well as the reinforcement of the authentic franchise label, guarantees of quality and ethics, and therefore of credibility with public authorities, franchisors, franchisees and franchisees.


Cabinet d’avocats Le Péchon est spécialisé depuis son origine en droit de la franchise et des réseaux commerciaux. Partenaire de Synergee

Cabinet Le Péchon

Le Péchon Law Firm is specialized since its origin in franchise law and commercial networks.
Founded by Martin LE PECHON, Lawyer at the Paris Bar and member of the College of Experts of the French Franchise Federation, the firm exclusively advises the heads of networks in the construction and optimization of their legal instruments (contract, DIP, company head of network, referencing contract …) and defends them before the judicial and arbitration courts whenever litigation is inevitable.

D,M&D Avocats, Droit du Travail, Franchise et Distribution. Partenaire de Synergee.

D,M&D Avocats

Labor Law, Franchise and Distribution
As part of its consulting activities, the firm D, M & D assists in the legal construction of networks and their support; as part of its judicial activities, D, M & D defends the interests of the heads of networks facing crisis situations.

Gouache Avocats, Cabinet d’avocats au service des commerçants et des réseaux de commerce (franchiseurs, coopératives de commerçants, succursalistes). Partenaire de Synergee

Gouache Avocats

Law firm in the service of traders and trade networks (franchisors, merchant cooperatives, branch operators).

Franchise Management, cabinet de conseil en franchise. Partenaire de Synergee.

Franchise Management

A leader in franchising – branch-trading – since 1989, FRANCHISE MANAGEMENT has supported more than 300 brands in all stages of their development, regardless of their size and sector of activity.
Franchise Management is involved in the creation, optimization and recruitment of franchise professionals.
Axe Réseaux, cabinet de conseil en franchise. Partenaire de Synergee

Axe Réseaux

The Axe Réseaux consulting firm’s franchise consultants support companies, whether they are franchisees or not, in all stages of their network development since 2011.

Franchise consultants advise entrepreneurs, network managers, franchise professionals … by helping them develop their sales network and network of franchisees, while respecting the values of their company.

Ax Networks is a consultancy and consulting firm on a human scale with a number of our salaried consultants allowing a better individual follow-up of customers over time and a perfect responsiveness.

Fiducial, expertise-comptable. Département entièrement dédié à la franchise dirigé par Eric Luc et qui compte, parmi son équipe, Olga Romulus, ruban d’argent de la franchise 2015. Partenaire de Synergee.


600 accounting agencies spread throughout France with a department entirely dedicated to the franchise led by Eric Luc and which counts, among his team, Olga Romulus, silver ribbon of the franchise 2015.

In Entenso, expertise-comptable. Partenaire de Synergee

In Extenso

In Extenso offers franchisers and franchisees, business owners, artisans, tradesmen, professionals and association managers a complete professional service, favoring proximity, listening and pro-activity.

In Extenso supports its customers at all stages of their business life (from creation to transmission) and in all areas related to the management of their business: accounting, tax, management, legal, social consulting and payroll.

Territoires & Marketing est spécialiste du monde du géomarketing. Partenaire de Synergee

Territoires & Markerting

In 20 years, Territoires & Marketing is specialized in the world of geomarketing (prestas & software), quanti-quali market research and implementation for the world of distribution, franchising, retail and trade. Its role is to be the partner of your strategies, of your decisions in the choices of establishment of stores, in the development of your network, in the use of tools of analyzes and commercial performances, in the knowledge of your customer base, your competition and in organizing the data that enable geomarketing analysis.

Laurent Kruch, President of Territoires & Marketing is a member of the College of Experts of the French Franchise Federation.

FlagFranchise, Partenaire de Synergee
FlagFranchise, Partenaire de Synergee


FlagFranchise is a tool to attract and select the best candidates based on their compatibility with your banner. Our algorithm allows you to find the perfect match between your banner and future franchisees based on 7 factors that influence the performance of franchisees:

HEGYD® est une société spécialisée dans le développement e-Business pour les réseaux, groupements d’entreprises et grands comptes. Partenaire de Synergee.


HEGYD® is a company specializing in e-Business development for networks, business groups and key accounts.

A strong team of twenty or so web technology and e-marketing specialists will assist you in developing your business. Because each profession has its specificities, HEGYD puts the human and the exchange at the heart of the projects in order to adapt its technological bricks to the needs of your company.

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