AGT, partner of the leaders on the French market of manufacturing of kitchens

The French manufacturer of kitchens SALM, with two brands, Cuisines Schmidt and Cuisinella, announce 35 million euro investment in France. SALM is the leader on the French market and the fifth in [...]

AGT supports “Enfance Majuscule” , association against mistreated childhood in France

  For several years, AGT supports “Enfance Majuscule” , association against mistreated childhood. We will attend the annual reception organized Salle Gaveau in Paris on March [...]

Kick-off AGT January 2014

AGT had  its annual Kick-off with all collaborators in Mende (France) for 2 workdays. The program: actions plan, priorities, objective, new projects … But also moments of conviviality like a [...]

Meet AGT at Franchise 3.0 , January 18th in Montréal