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What are the allies of the entrepreneur? One of the best is the business plan. It is the action plan of the project that specifies the main lines of its development, from the first idea to the profitability model. It is also a road map, allowing to organize the project, to test the realism of the hypotheses, to simulate several scenario, to verify the feasibility, and most importantly to raise capitals.


AGT Retail, decision support solution, dedicated to the Franchise industry, integrates a module ” Business plan “. Customizable according to the type of business and the typologies of investments. The solution deals with various type of points of sale and allows to simulate the forecasts over 3 – 5 years for openings, extensions or transmissions. The strength of the tool is the benchmarking. Indeed, it is possible to produce projections for banks with comparative figures of different points of sale or networks. The benchmarking with other points of sale of the network or competitors brings to the entrepreneur a strong anchoring in the reality. Furthermore, once the point of sale is opened, it is possible to follow the “realized” by comparison with the forecasts which facilitates the production, the reliability, and the follow-up after the opening.


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