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AGT is launching a new module for the retail market, AGT Business Plan, which can be used internally for feasibility studies, development planning and monitoring, as well as for seeking financing from financial organizations and investors.

"At the end of marked input stages covering operations and financing, it will be easy to assess the coherence and feasibility of a project and highlight its strengths," explains Laurent Dubernais, CEO of AGT. "It will also enable us to plan for growth by anticipating both the resources and the operational and financial needs to be implemented".

Accessible online via login and password, this Business Plan module integrates a wide range of functions, including :

. a 3-year overview with break-even point and financial balance calculations
. a detailed 3-year operating statement with breakdown of income and expenses
. 3-year balance sheet
. financing table
. 3-year monthly cash flow statement
. detailed investment schedule
. loan amortization table
. personnel details
. automatic transfer of the last balance sheet
. an investment table pre-configured according to business activity
. automatic import of key figures
. assistance with data entry
. consistency checks
. export of business plan to budget module
. unlimited simulations for a single project
. identical framework for the same project
. coherent, solid presentation to external contacts
. smooth network development planning

Intersport already uses this module and is fully satisfied. "Drawing up business plans is part of our daily routine," explains Mickaël Hebert, the network's Finance Manager. Intersport France. "When we open nearly 30 sales outlets a year, we often have to adjust forecast figures, and the production tool must facilitate this work," he adds. "The AGT business plan is fully integrated into the decision-making system. It takes into account different store formats, and can be used to simulate 3-year forecasts for openings, expansions or transfers. We can produce forecasts for the banks, showing network comparisons, which is reassuring. Once the store is open, we can monitor actual performance against forecasts. All this facilitates the production, reliability and follow-up of our opening files", he concludes.

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