Secure link interaction

The SAAS mode enables APIs to be duplicated and standardized. Synergee uses them to enable greater interaction with service providers. They enable the data contained in the service provider's software to be interfaced with the data expected in
, our interface. No more double planning by the service provider. For example: as soon as the intervention date is scheduled in his software, it is updated in the customer's Synergee environment.

Server hosting

Synergee's platform servers are hosted on the Microsoft Cloud in Datacenters on the Microsoft Azure platforms, which is an asset for speeding up the availability of the solution and ensuring fluidity in our exchanges with our customers.

In fact, the power of our servers, combined with their great flexibility, enables our developers to create solutions tailored to the requirements of our different customers.

Maximum data security

Every year, several penetration tests are carried out to ensure that your data is in the most secure environment possible.

The environment is both encrypted (SSL encryption) and compatible with industry-standard browsers.

Backups of your data are stored at several secure physical sites to ensure continuity under all conditions, even in the event of a natural disaster.

Single sign-on

SSO (Single Sign-On) configuration enables Synergee customers to use their own user directory to control authentication in Synergee.

This means that if a user is already authenticated in the company network, he or she will automatically be connected to Synergee, without having to enter any additional information.

You'll no longer run the risk of losing or forgetting your password, and you'll save precious time in the process.

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