In&Fi Crédits testifies

"We feel that Synergee has understood who we are and doesn't rest on its laurels, seeking to improve the performance of its tools at every turn."

Pierre-Etienne Beuvelet - Managing Director - In&Fi Crédits

Randstad testifies

"Our choice fell on Synergee because it appeared to be the one best able to respond to the diversity of our network...I appreciated the responsiveness, professionalism and agility."

Gilles Pincemin - CSR & Sustainable Development Financial Controller - Randstad France

Speedy testifies

"Around the tool's modules, we were able to build a coherence in relation to our business model, to be customized sufficiently so that it was both efficient and adapted to our operation."

Jean Pierre Barnier - International & Business Development Director - Speedy

Galeries Lafayette testifies

"Synergee's performance: in a store where you have to launch a report and wait a minute for the indicators to build up, as a rule this works very badly, here it's on the order of a second."

Stephane Maiocchi - Chief Financial and Information Officer - Galeries Lafayette Group

Midas Testimony

"Synergee provides a common language for all support, operational, finance, marketing and purchasing departments, and enables us to offer effective support to our franchisees."

Julien Gourand - Chief Financial Officer - Midas France

A wealth of experience



  • "The intuitive solution secures our commercial leases and optimizes lessor negotiations, thanks in particular to its reporting tool."

    Stéphanie P.
    Stéphanie P. Legal Manager - PIMKIE
  • "The tool is as much a day-to-day management tool as it is a forward-looking tool for tracking sales and financial ratios on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis."

    Bertrand C.
    Bertrand C. General Manager - MIDAS
  • "The Synergee solution is at the heart of our brand activity. Thanks to it, we closely monitor the financial health of our affiliates and their business through their sales, stocks and purchases.This enable us to optimize our referencing from suppliers as well as the overall performance of our affiliated pharmacists."

    Pierre-François Charvillat
    Pierre-François Charvillat Deputy Managing Director - FORUM SANTÉ
  • "The solution is intuitive and allows us to secure our commercial leases as well as it optimizes lease negotiations thanks, in particular, to its reporting tool."

    Stéphanie Pujalte
    Stéphanie Pujalte Legal Officer - PIMIKE
  • "Synergee is both a daily management tool and a monthly, quarterly and annual prospective monitoring tool of its commercial and financial ratios."

    Bertrand Cormier
    Bertrand Cormier Managing Director - MIDAS
  • "With Synergee, we are able to manage thousands of contracts on a daily basis, in all their complexities and specificities. The tool integrates intelligently and prudently with the ERP and enables the exports necessary for the advanced reporting required by a large number of buildings and contracts. Deadlines are never a problem again."

    Zanelli G.
    Zanelli G. Consultant -Proximus
  • For our store teams, regional managers, head office staff and management committee, Synergee is the tool they use to read and manage their business.

    Eric B. Management controller - Louis Pion
  • Synergee allows me to manage our sites and all our contracts in the best possible way. Whenever I have a request concerning real estate, the answer is always in Synergee.

    Léna C. Property Manager - Sonepar


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