The buying group is based on a vertical model: the beneficiaries of its services (in the case of a franchise network, the franchisees) are linked to it exclusively by contract. Moreover, there is no capital link between the parties.

  • Contractualization of head office/affiliate and head office/supplier relations = a critical and essential point.
  • Unfortunately, there's a lot of amateurism in this area, which can lead to real disasters.
  • Essential contracts: the membership contract and the listing contract.

The mission of the central purchasing group is to pool the purchases of affiliates, with the aim of consolidating orders and obtaining better commercial and pricing conditions.

Why develop and optimize group purchasing
within your network?

The purchasing function is an essential link in any organized network.

Centralized purchasing makes it possible to :

  • Affiliates to obtain better commercial and pricing conditions;
  • Suppliers to secure their supplies over the long term;
  • For the network head, tohomogenize and control supplies and increase its sources of profit.

Reinforcement of the franchisor's know-how through the central office

Over and above the advantages for the network, franchisors who choose to structure their network purchasing through a central purchasing unit reinforce and enhance their know-how.

The ability of the network head to know how to buy is considered by the Courts as an element of its know-how.

It is recognized that the existence of a central purchasing unit within a franchise network may constitute the essential part of its know-how.

Synergee offers commercial network management software.

Whatever the type of network - franchise, cooperative or branch-based, etc. - it can opt for a central purchasing business model.

To protect the network, we have developed tools to prevent the risk of failure. These can damage not only the company's finances, but also its brand image in the event of closure.

Franchise? Cooperative? Discover our specific offer for your business model!

Supplier Contract Management
EFR optimization assistance
Failure risk prevention
Financial reporting

Get a clear view of the financial performance of the network and of each sales outlet. Analyze actual/budget variances. Get a cash flow forecast

Suppliers & RFA

Access a repository of suppliers and negotiated commercial conditions (volumes, carriage paid, etc.). Offer your suppliers a declarative interface. Calculate and optimize your discounts.

Credit Management

Analyze and measure customer risk (scoring). Monitor and analyze outstandings and overdue receivables. Manage moratoria and guarantees. Reduce non-payments.




1st national network of independent decorators since 1969
Purchasing & referencing centre
140 outlets in France
200 referenced suppliers



Multiple media for the same information
Excessive processing time for little added value
Race for information, reminders, etc.
Very little analysis based on collected information
High risk of bugs, re-entering errors, calculation errors, etc.
Process control usually handled by a single player



Parameterization and centralization of purchasing conditions and discounts integrated into the platform.
Supplier declaration of sales / membership on the platform, eliminating the need to collect data via Excel files.
Automatic calculation of RFA/edition of conditions book.
Restitution reports with the amount of RFA /Frs/Adhérents.
Dynamic cube for calculating ratios, N/N-1 trends, etc.

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