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On the occasion of the Rencontres du Commerce Coopératif et Associé, Alexandra Bouthelier (General Delegate of the FCA), with the support of Synergee, presented the key figures of Cooperative and Associated Commerce (CCA).

Some key figures to remember:

The CCA generated over €150 billion in sales in 2016, representing 7% of French GDP.


CCA networks are large, with an average of 251 outlets.

What's more, CCA companies have an average of 5 employees per non-food outlet, and 52 in the food sector.


The networks of the Commerce Coopératif et Associé (cooperative and associated retailing) sector are very well developed in terms of territorial coverage. Indeed, they are mainly located (79%) in towns with fewer than 90,000 inhabitants, and 67% in city centers.


In 2016, the Cooperative and Associated Trade networks comprised 45,245 outlets.


In 2016, the CCA employed 546,769 people , representing almost 30% of the total salaried workforce in the retail sector.

In conclusion, the cooperative and associated retail sector is doing well, with employment up 1% year-on-year.

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