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In November 2017, La Banque Populaire had presented the results of the annual Franchise survey. The first part presented a portrait of franchisees and franchisors in 2017. You can find a summary of the latter HERE.

January 2018, the second part of the annual Banque Populaire/ FFF/CSA franchise survey confirms French people's desire to undertake franchising: 39% of them would like to start their own business or go into self-employment.

Up 8 points on 2016 , this trend has remained relatively stable since 2014. What's more, 44% of them are considering franchising, confirming the attractiveness of the model!

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For these entrepreneurial-minded French, the advantages of franchising are numerous. In particular, the support and resources provided for franchisees are cited by 41% of them, followed by brand awareness (40%) and the desire to limit financial risks (29%).

On the other hand, when a prospective franchisee decides to "take the plunge", the criterion of brand awareness becomes paramount, followed by the power and resources of the network.

To make their choice, 95% of prospective franchisees find out about the network beforehand, in particular through the Pre-contractual Information Document (DIP), an assessment of the concept's value for money, and the profitability of existing outlets.

Support and training for franchisees.

Initial training, which is essential for the transmission of know-how, lasts an average of 32 days. The quality of this training is emphasized by 75% of franchisees, who feel they were well prepared before launching their business.

Ongoing training, lasting an average of 24 days (versus 18 in 2016 and 2015), was offered to 76% of franchisees (according to franchisors). The face-to-face format (90% in 2017) remains the most widely followed by franchisees. As in 2016, 63% of franchisees took part in e-learning training.

Lastly, coaching/sponsoring of franchisees by a franchisee already established within a network, mentioned for the first time in this year's survey, is organized by 70% of franchisors.

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