Innovative strategies for project management in sales networks

In the digital age, sales networks are constantly striving for efficiency and innovation. Project management is at the heart of this transformation. With [...]


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Controlling members' financial information: a crucial challenge for company cash flow

For any company, it is essential to control the financial elements of its members in order to anticipate the risk of non-payment. Good management of receivables, payment deadlines and payment [...]

Annual accounts and tax returns: the essential duo for a clear financial picture

Successful businesses are often compared to a well-oiled machine. But the question on every entrepreneur's mind is: how do you know if your cash flow, fixed assets, cash flow and [...]

The year-end discount and its impact on accounting

The RFA, or Remise de Fin d'Année, is an essential element in the general accounting of companies. It represents a crucial part of commercial relations between suppliers [...].

How ERP transforms the management of your real estate leases and construction projects

Managing real estate leases and coordinating construction projects can quickly become a headache. Between the contracts to follow, the work to plan and the costs to control, [...]

Calculating rights of use and lease liabilities

Property management is a field that requires in-depth knowledge of various concepts and regulations. These include the calculation of rights of use and liabilities [...].

CMMS: essential network maintenance software

Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have become an indispensable tool for modern companies. It offers a complete solution for planning, monitoring and [...]