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Technical Audit

A technical audit is a guarantee of the quality of the delivery of the site.

Are you building a new sales outlet for your sales network and want to control the quality of the service?

The quality and conformity are not proven but my builder is in a hurry to” buckle “the site … Do I and I can refuse the receipt / delivery ?

Our tool supports you in the decision by helping you to carry out a technical control of the works with reference to the applicable regulations according to the date of the building permit and the signed contract or works contract. The aim is to help you to identify any necessary corrections with the technical arguments not questionable by the professional who performed the work or the builder at reception / handing over the keys.

Firstly, create a questionnaire to highlight the elements to validate at the end of the work. Secondly, register all of your equipment.

In conclusion, Synergee’s technical audit allows you to:

  • Perform equipment inventories of your points of sale.
  • Receive your sites.
  • Save time and centralize useful information for your accounting.


They use the technical audit module


They use the technical audit module


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