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Business Plan Solution for franchise systems

Objective: to allow franchisors to save time when recruiting new franchisees through a simple entry mask and a benchmark against the network’s reference ratios.

The financial part of a business plan, often referred to as a financial forecast, brings together a set of data and combines them into different tables to translate the project’s impacts into monetary terms. It complements the elements mentioned in the editorial part of the business plan.

Its objective is to convince the reader of the business plan (banker, franchisor,…). To do this, it must clearly identify:

  • The financial needs generated by the project
  • The value creation provided
  • The sustainability of the project.

This module will help stakeholders to make better strategic decisions and, above all, to measure the risks of the project to open a point of sale. In addition, it plays a real role as an intermediary with investors, financiers, and many other stakeholders, through the use of a common language.

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