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Excellence + proximity + speed Midas connects THE maintenance contract by the kilometer
For 40 years, Midas has capitalized on its commitment to speed, proximity and excellence... in multi-brand and at Midas prices... serving 10 million motoring customers.
A pioneer in product and service innovation, Midas is marking its 40th anniversary with the launch of new, innovative and connected service offerings, as well as an industry-first sales program.At Midas, car care made easy ...Midas rolls out Service contract by the kilometerannounced at Equip'Auto in October 2015 and enthusiastically welcomed by both Midas customers and the network.
LE Contrat d'entretien au kilomètre Midas, built around the needs of the motorist, his or her use of the vehicle and the specific features of the vehicle, is thus, in the automotive after-sales sector, the only one of its kind. 1st multi-brand, modular and customizable maintenance contract, by the kilometer.

Customizable, this monthly maintenance solution is available in two formulas, depending on whether the motorist is a "low mileage" user ("Mini KM" formula: actual payment with fixed monthly installment + price per km driven) or a "high mileage" user ("Maxi KM" formula: fixed monthly installment adapted to the chosen annual mileage level).

Modular and valid throughout the Midas network, LE Contrat d'entretien au kilomètre allows you to control your monthly "car maintenance" budget over a period of 2 to 5 years, depending on the preferred commitment.

LE Contrat d'entretien au kilomètre Midas ensures that your vehicle is always well-maintained thanks to comprehensive technical coverage (servicing with manufacturer's warranty, parts subject to wear and tear, breakdown assistance / towing for all breakdowns)... at Midas prices.

... and becomes connected

Midas Connectinforms and alerts customers about the general condition of their vehicle. But Midas Connect goes even further, helping customers to make the most of their vehicle.

With Midas Connectthe brand is rolling out a range of services, accessible via a new dedicated application.
By making the vehicle "intelligent", Midas Connect facilitates vehicle maintenance (via real-time alerts on the next scheduled maintenance operations and on the checks/diagnostics to be carried out), makes the vehicle and its passengers safer (alerts in the event of an anomaly on the vehicle, geolocation, sending of alerts in the event of an emergency, etc.) and simplifies the driver's life (assessment and personalized advice on his or her journeys, etc.).

Midas Connect is integrated into the Service Contract by the Kilometre, enriching the benefits for the user by automatically tracking mileage in real time, thus optimizing the budget and car maintenance by adapting invoicing to actual usage.

"A pioneer in 2009 with the launch of LA Révision garantie constructeur préservée, the first car servicing service to leave the manufacturer's network and join a multi-brand network, Midas continues to innovate. Midas innovation isn't just about technological advances. Above all, it's the constant quest for added service, for optimum care and total peace of mind for our customers ", explains Ludovic Dugabelle, Marketing Director of Midas France.

Midas' excellence also includes technology, with the launch of the second generation of its summer tire, the Ténor 2.

With the Ténor 2, Midas is once again demonstrating its determination to place its private label tire range on a par with the leading brands, and is aiming for excellence in the services it offers its customers.

✓ Comfort, longevity, efficiency, the new Tenor 2 tire by Midas offers excellent performance.
✓ Exceptional braking performance on dry and wet roads, and up to 19% longer life than the first-generation Tenor.
✓ A double guarantee offered for the new Midas Tire, 5 years or up to 40,000 km and puncture guarantee offered!

Midas celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2016! 40 years - 40 days!

These differentiating offers are part of a major event for Midas, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year with a brand-new sales campaign for customers and its network. In April and May, customers will be able to discover our Midas Connect and Contrat d'Entretien au kilomètre offers in Midas centers across France, before the implementation of a specific program for the summer season.

"Midas is going to offer its customers a different experience that has no comparison with what the market has to offer. In this way, the company is continuing to develop innovative offers for the benefit of its customers. Midas is also stepping up its national presence to offer these services throughout France, with a growth rate of twenty additional openings this year, in line with its objectives."says Bertrand Cormier, General Manager.

Source: Article published on 27.04.2016 on the Franchise Magazine website

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