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Focus on changes in rent and related costs during the lease term
and the lease renewal process


Synergee, Simon Associés and Mazars are organizing a conference on February 28, 2017 in Paris on the topic of commercial lease management.

OBJECTIVE: keep abreast of the latest reforms and case law to optimize the management of commercial leases and anticipate the negotiation and drafting of clauses.


1. Anticipate changes in rent and related costs during the lease term:

  • Initial rent setting: fixed rent or revenue clauses (LMG/LVA);
  • Indexing: the latest case law, integrating best practices;
  • Charges, works and taxation: lessor/lessee breakdown rules (PINEL scheme and latest case law), new lessor information obligations;
  • Impact of the new IFRS 16 standards applicable from January 1, 2019: lease assets and obligations will have to be carried in the lessees' balance sheet and changes in the lessors' balance sheet;
  • Legal triennial revision (articles L 145-38 and L145-39 of the French Commercial Code): applications, benefits, issues;
  • New case of revision during the course of a contract: "unforeseeability" resulting from the reform of contract law (ORD of February 10, 2016).

2. Manage the lease renewal process and conditions:

  • Renewal application/offer, notice of termination: form and deadlines, duration of renewed lease, precautions to take;
  • Setting the rent for a renewed lease: capping or uncapping, contractual clauses for setting the terms of the rent for a renewed lease;
  • Determining the fixed portion of binary rent: latest developments in case law;
  • 10% PINEL smoothing: opening cases, application difficulties;
  • Impact of the abolition of the ICC and application of the ILAT and ILC: practical details and application difficulties.

Several players from the real estate world will be taking part, including :

simon-associesMaster Amélie PINCONassociate lawyer, Simon Associés (conference presentation);


Olivier THIREAU, Partner in charge of the real estate sector and IFRS expert, Mazars (impact of the new IFRS 16 standards)

eye patVirginie DURIEUXLegal Director, Eye-catching (feedback on the management of commercial leases and the use of the management and animation solution) Synergee)



PLACE: Paris 8ème, the exact location will be communicated to you upon confirmation of your registration.


Participants will be welcomed at 8:30 am.
Speeches will start at 9:00 and finish at 11:30, leaving time for discussion until 12:00.

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