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Three weeks ahead of COP21, AGT is mobilizing against global warming. As part of the Un Arbre pour le Climatoperation, the company planted a lime tree on its Mende site last Friday, in the presence of local elected officials Jean-Luc Moulin (Vice-Chairman of the Culture, Sports and Heritage Commission) and Eric Debenne (Director of the Departmental Tourism Council).


Article published on Saturday, November 21 - Midi Libre

Why plant a lime tree?

Hardy : linden can withstand temperatures as low as -23°.

Tree of Liberty: one of the trees chosen in 1792 to embody the values of the French Revolution.

A symbol of friendship and festivity , the lime tree still occupies village squares, where it was thought to protect against the evil eye.

Low risk of allergenic pollen: its flowers disperse very little pollen into the air.

cop21-1From November 30, 2015France will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21). This crucial deadline must give rise to a global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissionsfor the health of our planet.

Warming above 2°C would have serious consequences, such as an increase in the number of extreme weather events.

We are already beginning to measure the consequences:

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  • the Arctic ice pack is shrinking by 13% a year;
  • Rising sea levels are threatening more and more islands and coastal towns, and have increased in recent years (+6cm in 20 years);
  • Currently 20-30% of plant and animal species are threatened with extinction;
  • The recent deadly floods in Pakistan are largely due to the melting of Himalayan glaciers;
  • Just four centuries ago, 66% of the world's land was covered by forest, but only half of that remains today.

AGT is an eco-citizen:

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  • Widespread use of online demonstrations to reduce the number of trips, resulting in a steadily decreasing carbon footprint;
  • Use of public transport whenever possible;
  • Optimum management of energy consumption in buildings;
  • Waste sorting.

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