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The publisher offers retail and service networks a tool dedicated to the "Purchasing" function, for optimizing supplier follow-up, managing conditions and promoting the network.

Mende, April 22, 2013. AGT, a publisher of Saas-based management, animation and decision-making solutions dedicated to the performance of retail and service networks, has designed this new module for networks that are central purchasing and referencing agencies. It optimizes and makes more reliable the monitoring of purchases, the management of conditions, the calculation of back-discounts and relations with suppliers. Easy to use, it is a real tool for animating the network, thanks to the input of sales figures declared by the suppliers themselves, and the automated calculation of back-discounts on supplier sales, integrating multiple methods.

The highlights of this new module :

- An efficient, fast and reliable tool for calculating discounts, thanks to modelling of sometimes complex conditions

- Time savings of around 30% on a full-time position, thanks to direct entry of sales figures by suppliers themselves

- Perfect interoperability with existing systems, enabling automatic retrieval of existing data

- Reports showing discounts by supplier, with the option of exporting to Excel

- Guaranteed security: the module is accessible via the Internet, with user management via login and password.

Laurent Dubernais, CEO of AGT, explains: " Thanks to the Suppliers module, buyers now have a high-performance, shared collaborative platform , with advanced decision-making tools for handling information from every angle. What's more, the module provides a clear picture of suppliers' financial health". He adds, " This module has been designed to meet the growing demand from AGT Retail's customers to make the purchasing function a lever for improving the overall profitability of their networks."


For the past 18 years, AGT has been developing SaaS-based management, animation and decision-making solutions to improve the performance of retail and service networks. In concrete terms, AGT offers to centralize and consolidate financial and commercial information, and to analyze it through comparable panels. Over 15,000 users can now benefit from the AGT Retail solution. The aim is to monitor activity in real time, from a simple browser or tablet, and to enable sales outlets to benchmark themselves on the basis of simple, shared and comprehensible indicators.


AGT contributes to the development of over 50 brands, including Midas, Intersport, ORPI, Mr Bricolage, Casino Proximité, Thomas Cook Voyage and Best Western, representing a total of 16,000 sales outlets.


Thanks to its collaborative approach, AGT provides a real competitive advantage, at an attractive acquisition cost, and boosts network performance. A leader in its market, AGT is expanding internationally with its new multilingual, multi-format version.

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