In Customers, Life at Synergee

AGT launches its new Customer Relations Center, which now plays a central role within the company, based on the realization that customers need constant support to optimize their point-of-sale management.

AGT's Customer Relations Center is part of a policy of continuous improvement in the publisher's quality of service and trust established over the long term. AGT's aim is to cultivate a close relationship with its customers, to improve dialogue and proactivity in response to their needs, and to ensure operational efficiency.

The implementation of this platform meets the following requirements for AGT:
- Constantly listening to customers, ready to provide them with the help they need to improve the use of the solution
- Respond effectively and rapidly to technical or operational requests via management control experts, and ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
- Detect upstream any difficulties or changes in the customer's situation, which can be identified thanks to the connection statistics collected by the Saas mode.
Composed of functional and technical experts, AGT's Customer Relations Center is in charge of :
- Production: technical advice, processing of files, handling of tables outsourced by customers, on-demand reporting and monitoring of interfaced flows.
- Training: Responding to technical requests from trainers and chartered accountants.
- Monitoring customer sales networks: Studies of customer connection statistics, satisfaction surveys, detection of new needs...
Laurent Dubernais, President of AGT, explains: "Cloud computing offers the enormous advantage of being able to monitor customer use of AGT Retail through statistics and forecasting. If changes occur at the customer's premises, if the reporting rate drops abnormally, or if reports are not published on time, the Customer Relations Center contacts the customer to understand the malfunction and help the user. We ensure that the customer's AGT Retail user experience is an industry benchmark".

For the record, AGT targets large retail networks with its AGT RETAIL solution:
For the past 15 years, AGT has been assisting large sales networks, whether franchised, cooperative or integrated, by offering a complete range of performance management tools: financial analysis, financial reporting, budget monitoring and activity analysis. With some 16,000 sales outlets equipped, the publisher confirms its position as French leader in this market.

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