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Factea, a purchasing consultancy, and AGT, a publisher of sales and financial management software for retail networks, announce the signature of an exclusive partnership.

Boulogne-Billancourt, April 03, 2012. Factea, a purchasing consultancy, and AGT, a publisher of sales and financial management software for retail networks, announce the signature of an exclusive partnership. Depending on opportunities, this agreement will enable each of the two parties to propose the other partner's consulting and/or software offering to their respective customers organized in networks (mainly franchising and associated commerce).

"We are delighted to have signed this partnership with Factea, whose purchasing consultancy offer is recognized in the market.says Laurent Dubernais, President of AGT. As a consultancy firm itself organized into a network, we believe that Factea is particularly well placed to help networked companies make savings, while our management tools enable our customers to control their group's purchasing. The optimization offered by Factea is therefore a natural complement.
Pablo Goulemot, Executive Director of Factea, is equally satisfied. "Since its creation, AGT has established itself as one of the leading publishers of commercial and financial management and benchmarking software for networked companies. These companies represent a priority target for our customer base, and AGT's solutions are a perfect complement to our consulting services.. And he adds: "As AGT is not a publisher of e-sourcing and/or e-procurement solutions, the scope of this partnership does not call into question our independence from e-purchasing solution publishers."

Today, Factea is developing a consulting offer specially designed for the world of franchising and networked businesses. The aim: to contribute to the overall performance of the network head and its members/franchisees by pooling commercial and non-commercial purchases. A unique offering on the consulting market, legitimized by Factea's own organization and development model. "Our added value lies in our ability to understand and deal with the purchasing issues facing networks, since our development model is itself based on the affiliation of consulting firms highly specialized in their field. "says Isabelle Catry-Martin, Director of Factea.
There are many advantages to pooling purchasing for networked companies. For the head of the network, it means greater efficiency and uniformity within the network, better management of franchisee purchasing, more secure and easier network development and, ultimately, improved profitability. "Pooling purchasing enables previously dispersed expenditure to be transformed into shared savings, provided that each stakeholder benefits, including suppliers.analyses Isabelle Catry-Martin. This type of approach is often the antechamber to a repositioning of purchasing in the value chain"..
Thanks to its methodology, Factea routinely generates 10-30% recurring savings on production and non-production purchasing families. "Our expertise is not just about making savings.says Isabelle Catry-Martin. Our strengths also lie in contributing to innovation, improving internal productivity and taking a pragmatic approach to sustainable development. Everything that networked companies are entitled to expect in addition to better conditions for purchasing products and services, whether from the franchisor or its current and future members.

For the past 18 years, AGT has been assisting major sales networks, whether franchised, cooperative or integrated, by offering a complete range of performance management tools: financial analysis, financial reporting, budget monitoring and business analysis, operated by specialists in data centralization, consolidation and decision support. With some 16,000 sales outlets already equipped, AGT is the French leader in the SaaS business intelligence market.
AGT's flagship solution is the AGT Retail application suite. This collaborative management solution is designed to support company directors in their management missions. Full web, accessible via a secure web connection, whatever the size of the network, the tool provides access to summaries and analyses of the financial and commercial activity of the entire customer network. In addition to reporting, the offer includes a simulation tool (stock rotation, customer/supplier payment deadlines) and multi-dimensional analysis to steer the day-to-day management and development of a sales network, given that movements, openings, closures and other events can be almost daily.

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