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A few months ago, against the backdrop of changes in its sector, the Giropharm cooperative group created the first union of pharmacists' groups, under the name Fédergy.

Federgy aims to provide real, concrete solutions for the future. For Federgy, the future of pharmacy depends on the use of modern, shared tools that only national pharmacy groups and chains can offer pharmacists.

Drawing on the experience of its 14 member groups and chains*, bringing together 12,000 pharmacies, Federgy's roadmap groups together five key proposals that represent the essential prerequisites for modernizing the pharmacy:

1) Enforce the purchasing capacity of SRAs, purchasing agents and brokers within the current legislative framework, in order to enable them to buy with non-discriminatory discounts, and thus enable central purchasing bodies to have commercial conditions adapted to the market.
2) Regularize the purchasing mandate given to pharmacy groups and chains.
3) Broaden the scope of pharmaceutical buying and selling groups, giving them access to a wider range of purchases.
4) Give pharmacy groups and chains the right to communicate in compliance with ethical rules.
5) Enable national pharmacy groups and chains to set up e-commerce sites.

"Pharmacists can no longer remain on their own if they wish to effectively carry out both their healthcare and commercial activities. With these five proposals, pharmacy groups and chains will be able to offer pharmacists particularly innovative ways of making their pharmacy a place for exchange and advice in line with the expectations of their customers and future customers", the press release states.

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