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Cañas y Tapas is a good opportunity for franchise candidates wishing to embark on catering because the initial investment is one of the lowest on the market”

The specialty chain of grilled meat La Boucherie has just signed a master franchise agreement to develop the concept of Spanish cuisine Canas y Tapas in France and overseas territories.

The La Boucherie brand (137 restaurants, 100 of which are franchised in France) has just announced the acquisition of the master franchise Cañas y Tapas for France and the DOM-TOM.

The La Boucherie banner (137 restaurants with about 100 in France) just announced the acquisition of Canas y Tapas Master France for France and overseas territories (DOM-TOM).

Restaurant espagnol Canas y Tapas à Serris (77)Tapas Restaurant Concept offering spanish dishes, Canas y Tapas has 20 establishments in Spain and Portugal and a pilot restaurant in France, at Marne La Vallée.

After the buybacks of Bistrot du Boucher and L’Assiette au Boeuf in 2016, this new operation will enable La Boucherie to deliver an ever wider offer, underlines the group in its latest press release.

For 2018, La Boucherie considers opening 6 to 8 Canas y Tapas restaurants.

Franchise Restauration La Boucherie Christophe Mauxion“We are glad we have signed with Rafael Herrero, CEO of Zena Alsea, this master franchise contract with France and the DOM-TOMs, announces Christophe Mauxion, General Director of Groupe La Boucherie. This enables the Groupe La Boucherie to diversifie its offer and present to its franchisees and futur franchisees a unique concept in France, of tapas bars and spanish speciality restaurants, which will interest sharing passionates”.

While no restaurant brand tapas or Spanish cuisine has managed to achieve national coverage on French territory, the Group La Boucherie plans on opening 6 to 8 restaurants Canas y Tapas in France in 2018.

Canas y Tapas seeks franchise candidates wishing to embark in the domain

“Canas y Tapas is a great opportunity for franchise candidates to launch a restaurant because the initial investment is one of the lowest in the market”, underlines Christophe Mauxion. The featured restaurants require a 2200 to 3700 f² surface and can welcome from 90 to 140 people.

At the end of 2018, the Groupe La Boucherie anticipates the clustering of more than 200 restaurants with a turnover above 200 M€.

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