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Source : Quebec Franchise Council

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Montreal, April 14, 2020 - The Conseil québécois de la franchise (CQF) salutes the Blue Basket project and its support for Quebec merchants. The CQF brings together a vast network of Quebec entrepreneurs from 460 banners in different sectors who are committed to making their products and services accessible online during the COVID-19 crisis.

" A number of initiatives are being deployed everywhere to help Quebecers and businesses cope with this exceptional crisis. Our members are also contributing to this vast collective movement of solidarity," emphasizes Christian Champagne, President and General Manager of the CQF. In food, health, restaurants, personal care, specialized services and many other fields, everyone is getting involved to make life easier for local people and families during this ordeal. Our members' online presence and the access they provide to their products and services bear witness to this. "

Large parts of major industries are made up of franchises. In the restaurant sector, for example, a quarter of all Quebec businesses are franchises. In the healthcare sector, franchises account for one in five sales outlets. Franchises also represent over 406,000 direct and indirect jobs for as many Quebecers, or around 10% of all jobs in Quebec. The banners present here are therefore major creators of wealth. More than half are headquartered here, and 80% of our franchises are located in the regions. The owners of these franchises are Quebecers who live here and drive our economy.

Some figures on franchising in Quebec*

- Business volume:        

Business volume for Quebec chains was close to $20 billion in 2016. More than 60% of franchisors' sales come from three sectors: healthcare, food and restaurants.

- Jobs:                                        

Nearly 345,000 jobs were directly linked to the activities of Quebec banners in 2016, representing over 4% of the total number of jobs here. The main sectors are foodservice (70,680), automotive (66,990), food (69,670), specialized services (44,940) and healthcare (36,170).

- Value added to GDP:      

The impact on GDP of the activity of Quebec franchised businesses represents around 6.5% of Quebec GDP.

About CQF

The Conseil québécois de la franchise brings together franchisors, franchisees and suppliers in Quebec's franchise industry. With over 8,000 franchisees and more than 460 franchisors, the industry is one of the most dynamic in the province, and a tireless contributor to job creation.

* Economic analysis of the franchise industry in Quebec, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, June 2018.

For information and interviews: Christian Champagne, President and General Manager

Source : Quebec Franchise Council

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