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In partnership with Observia, the Giropharm group of dispensing pharmacists aims to reinforce its role as a public health player and prove its added value in patient compliance.

Announced at the end of 2013, the Giroprevent project is now taking shape. This "investigation group for compliance and prevention recommendations" in pharmacies was launched by the Giropharm pharmacy group in partnership with e-health specialist Observia. The progress report was presented to the press on June 24. The aim is to demonstrate, through real-life studies, the relevance of pharmacist intervention in improving patient compliance and preventing complications and recurrences.

Against a backdrop of changes in the pharmaceutical business model, Jean-Christophe Lauzeral, Chief Operating Officer of Giropharm, points to a "convergence of interests" between pharmacies and ethical laboratories. The latter's portfolios are changing, with high value-added products aimed at restricted populations, at a high price and whose reimbursement is subject to "good management".

"Laboratories like AbbVie, MSD and Roche are new partners for us", he enthuses. At a time when pharmaceutical companies are having to prove the value of their products in real life, pharmacists are hoping to strengthen their role as healthcare players "outside the conventional field".

"Because of their proximity to patients, pharmacists have a key role to play in support and compliance, and would be a legitimate stakeholder in the conduct of these real-life studies," says Stéphanie Corre Le Bail, director of Giropharm's newly-established health, quality and training division."

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