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Published on July 22, 2014 by Vincent Pompougnac of Franchise Magazine
Specialized retail activity declined in June, by -1.9%, on a like-for-like basise, according to the Procos monthly panel. But ended the first half of 2014 with a +1% increase.
"June 2014 was a very summery month, with high temperatures, ranking it as the 5th hottest June in a century", points out the Procos federation (260 franchise, cooperative and branch chains) in its monthly panel survey (50 chains questioned on their performance in 50 reference hubs, located in 15 conurbations).

These weather conditions had an impact on June sales, "in a very heterogeneous way depending on the sector of activity", notes the federation: "favorably in ready-to-wear and very unfavorably in garden centers".

-1.9% in June, +1% for the first half
Over the period, specialized retail activity declined, ending the month at -1.9%, on a like-for-like basis. All formats were affected, according to Procos: from city-center stores (-6.6%), through city-center mall stores (-1.4%), to medium-sized out-of-town stores (-1.3%). Only out-of-town shopping mall stores showed a slightly positive trend (+0.2%).
Both personal goods and sports are progressing, while footwear, hygiene-beauty-health, culture and catering are in negative territory. The latter sector suffered in particular from the World Cup effect, explains Procos.

After an encouraging first quarter, marked by a slight increase (to +1.8%), followed by a downturn in April (-1.2%) and an upturn in May (+3.9%), specialized retail activity ended the first half of 2014 with a "timid increase" of +1%, concludes the federation. It should be remembered that its trend had been negative (-0.9%) in 2013 and 2012.

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